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    Living Sign

Live sign holders are an extremely effective marketing tool, especially in high traffic locations. They provide instant recognition and will hit the target audience in your immediate vicinity. Our living signs are some of the best in the business.  They are experienced, energetic, prompt, neat and clean, and wear our company uniform.  They pay attention to traffic patterns in order to get you maximum exposure.  Want lots of sign movement, or little sign movement?  Just let us know and we'll do it…your way. 


An area supervisor will make unannounced visits to our staff during each shift in order to evaluate their performance.  The supervisor can also stop into your office to ensure you that we are providing exactly what you want. 


Plus, you will have a staffed weekend call in phone number you can call to assist you with any need you may have. 


We provide full service design, and production of an arrow to your specifications that you own for future use.  Rental signs are available so we can be there today.


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    Directional Sign Placement


We provide full service design, production, placement, route customization, quality assurance, as well as inventory control and monthly reporting. We are the best in the business because we care about our customers and provide you with unmatchable quality and support.


We will create a custom detailed map for you.  We take into account high traffic areas, competing communities, driver sight lines, and easy freeway access to ensure that your route is guiding potential homeowners to you with ease.  We will then create strong Correx directional signs customized for your community.    Our trained route placers are the best in the business and will place and remove the signs in a timely manner every weekend, following any local regulations.  We can even check the route during the weekend to fix any misadjusted or replace any missing signs.


We will store and keep inventory of your signage at one of our storage warehouses which are conveniently located around the Puget Sound to keep access to signs in any situation easy and efficient.



Need to be seen from far away? Aerials are the way to go!  We can provide either a standard messages such as "New Homes" or create a custom message just for you.  Our staff will set up, monitor, and take down the aerial as needed.  You needn't worry about taking it down when the winds start to blow because we'll already be there.